West Street School Remembers

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West Street School remembers! 

Whilst out hunting for poppies and grabbing a photo of the Remembrance display at West Street School, we just happen to catch a whole bunch of children clutching poppies and reefs on their way to Colne Cemetery.   

The children have been working hard for quite some time, making various items for the commemoration of WWI in arts & craft classes and it was time to take some of them up to War Graves at the Cemetery.  We didn’t follow them to the Cemetery, as we’d already taken some of their time up by asking them to pose for photo’s! The staff and children were most obliging and were very clearly proud of their achievements.

The lovely poppy display is attached to the railings around West Street School is very visible from the main road and is likely to catch the attention of the parade on Sunday.

Absolutely fantastic effort … and we have no doubt that there are many more pieces of work buried inside the school.

Many thanks to the staff and children for taking time out of their day to allow this moment to be captured.

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